Chief Of Administration and Finance ๐ŸŽ‰
  • Dodoma, Tanzania
  • viaInades Formation Tanzania.
8 months ago
Senior Level
Accountancy and Financial Management
CPA Holder.
Job Summary
Inades-Formation Tanzania (IFTz) is an African institute for economic and social development. It was established in 1989 and legally registered as an independent, autonomous, not for profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). IFTz is one of the institutions that provides action-training support for socio-economic empowerment of smallholder farmers and rural communities aimed at building their capacities to bring about their socio-economic advancement and transform the societies in which they live. IFTz wishes to invite applications from pro-active, hard-working, and committed individuals to fill the position of Chief of Administration and Finance.

Duties And Responsibilities
1.Ensure the design of the organization of administrative, financial, material and accounting management of the NO.

2.Heads the Accounts section and produces financial statements for the attention of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, and donors.

3.Maintains proper books of accounts; takes care of all the NO budgeting: calculation of financial costs & follow-up of implementation, budgeting of capital expenditure and indirect recurrent expenditure, production of cash account plans & cash-flows.
4.Ensures the closing of the accounts of the NO.

5.Ensures the protection of the assets of the NO.

6.Preparation of financial proposals to prospective donors.

7.Assists the MD in drawing up the IFTz Plan of Action (POA) and preparing work plans, budgets, and financial projects to donors.

8.Assists the MD in working out policy for Financial and Human Resources Management, and ‘Partnership Policy’.

9.Works closely with the Chief of Pedagogy Department (CPD) in drawing Annual Work Plans and Budgets for the organization.

10.Takes part in field training activities as a member of the trainers’ team. Especially for financial, economic, and business management activities with farmers.

11.Ensures the best practice of internal control and audits.

12.Takes part in the design of IF Mission; participates in Board of Directors’ Meetings as may be deemed necessary, but without voting powers.

13.Ensures the logistics of the missions, the various meetings and other events organized by the NO.

14.Ensures compliance with the operational accounting, financial and budgetary organization within the Inades-Formation network.

15.Supervises directly all the support staff, as well as the personnel, administrative, financial, and managerial obligations of other senior staff.

16.Staff management, including setting-up and follow-up of personal files, follow-up of employment agreements, job analysis, description, appraisal and evaluation, and renewal of contracts in collaboration with the MD.

17.Directly supervises the work of support staff: Assistant Accountant, Secretary, Driver, Office Clerk, Watchman, and Messenger.

18.Ensures accounting and financial relations between the national office and the General Secretariat.

Education Other Skills Required
1.Tanzanian citizenship aged 35 years and above.

2.Must be a CPA holder.

3.Experience in both International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS).

4.At least 5 years of NGOs experience in accounting and finance.

5.Experience in managing financial transactions on multi donor - funded programs.

6.Familiarity with NGO regulations; solid experience in using financial software packages such as Sage 100, Quickbook etc. especially in creating/using cost centres.

7.Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

8.Have experience in Human Resources Management.

9.Excellent English writing skills and speaking ability.
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