Sales Officer ๐ŸŽ‰
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • viaKaziConnect.
7 months ago
Mid Level
2 - 5 years
Bachelor Degree or Maters in Agronomic Engineering,Agronomy or related field.
Job Summary
Implement the company's strategy in the territory and deliver the defined sales plan.

Duties And Responsibilities
1. Annual Sales Plan and Cycle (BVM): execute the Plan provided by the company, at Territory, Corporate Client and Farm level.

2.S&OP: Fulfill the monthly billing plan, influencing customers. Follow up and anticipate problems with the delivery of the number, as well as preventively solve them.

3.Credit Matrix: Submit customer credit matrix on time. Responsible for all documentation necessary to carry out sales in the territory. Follow up and ensure all installment sales are received.

4.Customers Documentation: all documentation related to customers must be sent in advance, and the Sales Officer is responsible for managing pending issues and monitoring.

5.Orders Input in System: Manage, as well as review orders in the system, considering prices, payment terms, distortions. Monitor the volume actually planted considering billed and open orders in the system through presence in the field with customers.

6.Inventory Report: Monitor the planting of customers and prepare a weekly inventory report in order to capture new sales opportunities, prevent out-of-place plantings and even returns.

7.Marketing: implement the guidelines of the Marketing departments such as: Sales campaigns, Brand guides, products, prices, product life cycle, incentive programs, demand generation. Contribute with market information, producers, crops, competitors, trends and opportunities.

8.Mix of Product: Responsible for influencing the sale of all products made available by the company for sale in the territory. Both in volume and billing date.

9.Access: Build sustainable access relationship. Seek the target market share by customer/farm. Create a “wish list” for each client/farm. Access strategy 100% connected to the 3-year sales plan and the Territory's Crop Plan (BVM).

10.Crop Plan: prepare the harvest plan for the cycle and prepare the new harvest plan for the cycle that will begin. The territory plan should be connected to the district and company business plan. Create and implement action plans with customers and stakeholders.

11.Office in the Field: get to know the brands' portfolio in depth, as well as prepare and participate in Corn tours, Sorghum Tours or Soy tours, together with customers and the Company. Systematically plan and visit the territory's farms, actively participating in productive activities, from planning, planting, handling and harvesting, interacting and influencing the promotion of the Company's portfolio.

12.Positioning Meeting: Participate and contribute to meetings, obtaining a complete and in-depth understanding of the best positioning of the Company's portfolio, according to the Life cycle of products for the region provided by Marketing.

13.Customer Profile and Action Plan: Contribute to the creation and maintenance of the Customer Profile and Action Plan for each customer with auditable goals, updating the goals defined by the company for the cycle.

14.Sales Input: Provide Sales Input with maximum volume accuracy by product and billing month, territory sales cycle.

15.Budget: Meet the annual goal of the commercial budget of the territory planned for the year.

16.Good Practices: of Health, Safety, Environment, follow LongPing's manual of conduct and ethics.


17.KaziConnect & Clients: Bringing KaziConnect clients closer institutionally, through actions such as: visits to KaziConnect, visits by the Board of Directors to clients, meetings or exclusive events.

18.Collect all business opportunities suggested by customers.

19.Strengthen the relationship with Clients both at the Corporate Account Manager level.

Education Other Skills Required
3 years of experience in sales, marketing or product development;
• CORN culture knowledge;
• Mobility;
• Relationship with Large Clients;
Agronomic Engineering/Agronomy Graduation.
Fluent English.
Windows/Microsoft Office Package.
Active Car Driver License.
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