Machine Operator πŸŽ‰
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • viaKaziConnect.
1 month ago
Mid Level
2 - 5 years
High School Degree.
Job Summary
Responsible for operating agricultural equipment ensuring the establishment, management and generation of data from research fields, in addition to carrying out routine tasks carried out at research stations such as pollination, manual harvesting, threshing and seed preparation in order to support all projects.

Duties And Responsibilities
1.Safely operate agricultural equipment: tractors, sprayers, planters and harvesters, etc.

2.Keep equipment clean and calibrated for use.

3.Carry out basic maintenance and request complex maintenance from a dealership or specialized service provider.

4.Support in other activities at the research station: manual planting, detasseling of plants, pollination of corn plants, seed counting, threshing of ears, inoculation of diseases, identification of fields and cleaning and organization of the farm.

5.Support in guiding these activities for harvest workers.

Education Other Skills Required
Knowledge of the operation and basic maintenance of tractors, planters, sprayers and harvesters. Have experience and experience with activities carried out in agriculture, especially planting, applications and mechanized harvesting.
1.     High School degree;

2.     Driver License is required;

3.     Good driving skills.

4.     Knowledge of using a GPS system for planting and spraying operations.

5.     Knowledge of computing and office packages is an advantage.

6.     It is necessary to have concepts of safety and organization at work.

7.     Must be available to travel
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